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It is the doctrine of this church that ordination takes place spiritually, and that the church grants legal ordination status in recognition of your spiritual ordination. This church does not stand between you and your god. It stands between you and the state to certify that you are legally ordained. 

Please understand that there is no such thing as "instant online ordination." A computer cannot ordain you. Your request must be reviewed before your ordination can be entered into the church registry as a recognized legal ordination.

Please be sure to find out about the legal doctrines governing ordination in your country, state or province. 

After you fill out and submit the following registration form, your request will be promptly reviewed by pastoral staff. You will receive notification of your ordination status by email. Ordinations several times each week, so normally you will receive a response from us within a day or two. We do not furnish this information to any outside organization for any purpose. Your privacy is carefully guarded. There is no charge or obligation associated with your ordination. Ordination is for life, without cost, and without question of faith.

Instructions for completing the registration form

Please avoid using the same email address for more than one person if at all possible. The email address is used as a record identifier and must be unique for each person. Do not submit someone for ordination without their permission and approval.

Each request is reviewed for completeness. You must include a complete, legal name. Spiritual names and initials only are unacceptable for ordination records. If your legal name is initials only, or your legal name is one word only, include this information in the comments section of the application, or it will be rejected. Frivolous names will be rejected whenever we notice them. If your parents had a sense of humor when naming you, we may reject your application initially, but upon explanation, we will reconsider. No one is rejected because of their name, but we must protect the integrity of the records against those who fraudulently submit requests for pets, obscene names, etc. Applying for ordination in the name of a fictitious person or animal, or the submission of a person's name without his or her permission is fraud, and may subject you to prosecution!

Complete and submit the information below and your ordination will be reviewed and processed for inclusion into our registry and you will be a legally ordained minister of the Universal Life Church, Modesto California.  
Be sure your email address is entered correctly. 

I want to be a legally ordained minister authorized to do anything ministers usually do, and entitled to the privileges and benefits extended to the clergy.
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